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07 May 2010 @ 09:51 pm
So, the 2010 UK election is, in theory, over. Due to the death of a candidate in the last month there is one constituancy that will not vote until May 27th (mah birthday :o), so it will not technically be over until the next day.

However, that one seat will not change the fact that we now have a hung government (with a slight Conservative majority) and the only chance of moving forward is with a coalition between the Liberal Democrats and one of the Big Two.

Britain runs on an archaic and, frankly, un-democratic system of "First Past the Post" where the Party to get over 50% of the seats in parliment (note: this does not mean that they have a true majority of votes) become the governing party and their leaders becomes Prime Minister.
This results in an uneven representation of the electorate because of all the tactical voting that goes on, and things like in this election where the Conservatives have the most seats, but only 36.1% of people voted for them.

We also saw people - eligable, willing, and wanting to vote - turned away from the polls after arriving in plenty of time to cast their vote, but being unable to participate in the democratic election of their own government because the polling stations had: run out of ballot papers, or were taking too long to look people up ON THEIR PILES OF PAPERS because GOD FORBID we should join the 21st (or even the 20th!) century and put people's names and addresses on a computer!

This country needs a serious electoral reform, and it needs it soon, because as far as I am concerned, this election result is corrup and ought to be rendered null and void.

The opinion site 38 Degrees is running an email-writing campaign to Lib Dem MPs urging them to refuse to join a coalition with either party until an electoral reform is agreed upon.

This is something I have believed passionatly in since I was a politics student back in 2004, and we finally have a chance to make it happen.

Here is my letter to the Lib Dem MPs (and I'm not putting it under a cut, even though this is a long entry, because THIS IS IMPORTANT, DAMNIT):

Dear Liberal Democrat MPs,

Tactical voting due to our out-dated, un-democratic electoral system is, I and many others believe, what caused such a low Lib Dem vote in this election. I do not believe that people answering opinion polls lied, just that when they came to cast their votes the unfair cries of "A VOTE FOR THE LIB DEMS IS A VOTE FOR [insert opposition party here]" used by both parties affected their decision.

It is neither democratic nor fundamentally the right thing that a party who may have gained a slight majority of seats, but who only gained 36% of the vote should have governmental control of 100% of this country's population. Honestly, I felt quite betrayed when the BBC reported Nick Clegg's statement that we should back a Tory government because "they got the majority of votes".

At 21 I have had the opportunity to cast my vote for the Liberal Democrats once in local elections, and now once in parliamentary elections. I vote for the Lib Dems, partly because their beliefs mostly align with my own, but also because I have always felt like the Lib Dems cared about people more than power unlike Labour or the Conservatives. The Lib Dem MPs that I have met and read about believe in personal and civil liberties whether or not it made them unpopular. They stood for the right thing, not the easy thing.

This is what they - you - and the country as a whole have the chance to do now. Stand up for a move to proportional representation. It may not be easy, and you can almost be assured that there will be a vocal and possibly violent movement against it, but since when have we been accustomed to listening to the tactics of bullies who think that because they can shout louder or hit harder that they are in some way more important?

I feel that yesterday’s vote ought to be voided because the archaic system that we use to "check in" voters, as well as complacency over supplies of ballot papers, and any number of other issues, caused people who were registered, interested, and wanting to cast their vote to be turned away. That is not a democracy. Where are those people’s voices in this parliament?

This is what we as a nation must stand up against. This slide into complacency, just shrugging our shoulders and deciding not to do the right thing because it might upset someone, because someone might shout at us, because it might not work out right and then we will have to deal with the consequences.

Whether we move to a better electoral system or not, there will be consequences. Already we are seeing the consequences of continuing with the first-past-the-post system: angry would-be voters, and a hung government.
There may be resistance at first to a change, but there always is until people get used to it.

Stand up, and be the voice of the people who voted for you. Be the voice of the people who were turned away from the polls. Be the voice of the next generation of British adults, your children and grandchildren, who will be the first British generation to experience what will hopefully be a lifetime of true democracy.

Be my voice, because I believe in you.

Yours Sincerely,
Cerys Jones
West Sussex
25 October 2009 @ 01:04 am
I have not done one of these in, like, a year.
It's 1am, there is no more tea, and I have written another 10,000 words of back-story and character sheets this week.

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29 August 2009 @ 11:45 pm

VAN: *Flees work like the ninja*
VAN: *Arrives at train station an hour early*
VAN: Considering that I once got lost in my college after going there for two years, this is probably a good idea *gets on train*.
TRAIN: *stops at East Croydon. Does not move.*
VAN: Well. This is new. Um. *Gets off train.*
TRAIN: *Flee!*
VAN: Shit!

I got on another train, which turned out to be the wrong train, got off it just in time and eventually on a train that did, in fact, take me to Victoria. Unfortunately I had neglected to write down which tube station we were meeting at (Green Park or St James’), so I got a map.

MAP: Look here, Green Park Station and St James’ Park Station are so close together! You should totally go to Green Park, and then if you’re wrong you can just wander over to St James!
MAP: Teehee.

VAN: There is a suspicious amount of no one here. Maybe time to walk to St James’! *walks*
VAN: *Walks some more*
VAN: *Still Walking.* This is taking rather a lot longer than I thought it would...

It was at this point that I had the brainwave of texting Boo to enquire of our meeting place, just in case there was some freak occurrence and everyone was late.
Turns out, it was St James, and everyone was late.
Then I got lost walking in a straight line between parks. Not actually one of my finest hours, but one which was remedied by a slightly bemused policeman.

VAN: Hi! Which way to St James’ Park Station?
POLICEMAN: Um, what?
VAN: St James! I appear to be, um, slightly lost...
POLICEMAN: ... You are standing next to a signpost, and you are facing in the correct direction.
VAN: ... Can we just pretend this never happened? By the way, do you like my demon’s mark?
POLICEMAN: ... Lovely, I’m sure. Nice to meet you, Miss.
VAN: First you get possessed, and then you die! 

I did, eventually, find the station. And there was no one there! Or so I thought...Collapse )
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19 June 2009 @ 09:09 pm
Nick Goes to Brighton:

Waking up is never fun, so Nick scowls at it.
IMG_6839 (by cerys jones)

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19 June 2009 @ 02:34 am
I've been collecting quotes for about ten years now, but I've never done anything with them except read them for amusement.

But then I needed php things to code, so I made a database of them all that you can search through, or flick through, or grab random ones.

Look, 10 years of quotes, all here.

Ok, I go falloversleepnow...
13 June 2009 @ 10:47 am
I am going to the Queen's garden party next month.

Holy crap, you guys. I get to wear my hat!
12 June 2009 @ 07:06 pm
I found a voice memo that I recorded on my phone on a particularly long, confusing, and boring drive back from Eastbourne earlier this week.

... The message is:


Don't you just want to read The Demon's Lexicon now? Don't you?
If anyone wants to borrow one of my spare copies, I'll be over here. In the Bad Place. With Nick, Gerald, chains and some knives. Oh, and lasagna (Nick is lasagne because lasagne is saucy and hot, but it has layers! Also, it's tasty. Although I'm not sure how good it is with a sword...)